WTU continues to strengthen its world renown programs in textile materials and fashion design, In addition, WTU has established key disciplines and programs in environmental and chemical engineering, electromechanics ,management and economics, art and humanities plus creating a multi-disciplinary program engineering based but also embracing aspects of science arts management and economics to create the well-rounded leaders of the future ,These disciplines also serve to support 47 masters programs.
School of textile Science and Engineering
Textile Technology and Engineering
Non-woven Materials and Engineering
School of Mechanical Engineering and automation
Mechanical Design Manufacturing & Automat
Measuring & Control Technology and Instruments
Industrial Engineering
School of Fashion
Garment Design and Engineering
Art Design(Apparel Design and Trading)
Artistic Design for Apparel
Fashion Styling
Apparel Design and Performance
Advertisement Design and Performance
School of Art and Design
Artistic Design for Dying and Weaving
Artistic Design for Decorating
Artistic Design for Enviroment Art
Artistic Design for Animated Cartoons
Industry Design(literature)
Industry Design
School of Accounting
Financial Management
Construction Costs
School of Environment Engineering
Environment Engineering
Genetic Engineering
Water and Wastewater Engineering
Building Environment & Equipment Engineering
School of Mathematics and Computer Science
Networking Engineering
Software Engineering
Mathematics & applied Mathematics
Information and Computing Science
Computer Science and Technology(Embedded System)
Computer Science and Technology(Online Game )
School of Material Science & Engineering
Polymer Material and Engineering
Composite Material and Engineering
School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Electronic Information Engineering
Electronic Information Science Technology
Electrical Engineering and Automation
Photoelectric Information Engineering
School of Chemistry&ChemicaEngineering
Chemistry Engineering and Craft
Light Chemistry Engineering
Applied Chemistry
Science and Techniques of Renewable Resources
School of Media & Communication
journalism & communication and media broadcast
Network Communication
Photography and Digital Imaging Art
Digital Media Art
Cartoon art design
Network super media design
School of Economics
Financial Economics
International Economics and Trade
Public Finance
School of Management
International Economics and Trade
Business Administration
Exhibition Economy and Management
LogisticsĀ  Management
Information Management and System
Administrative Management
Electronic Commerce

School of International Education
School of International Business Economic
School of Marxist Rationale
School of Adult Education
School of High Vocational Technology
Dept. of Sports

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